Web development.

The development of a high-quality and thoughtful website will help attract new customers, create an image of the enterprise in the digital space, stimulate continuous development and brand awareness.

Responsive design

Website with a responsive design is an important decision that will allow you to increase the number of potential customers and buyers.

Integration of custom services and plugins.

We integrate all the necessary services, plugins and other tools to expand and improve the functionality of your website.

SEO optimized structure

Our websites are designed with structure and code adapted to Google and other browsers.

Convenient CMS system.

A content management system allows the moderators to change the content of a page or site, add new articles, news and other information with minimal effort. We develop websites on the WordPress system.

Thoughtful solutions

In the website development process, it is important to use optimal, convenient and safe web solutions. It guarantees a stable and fast functioning of the website. Thanks to experience and knowledge, we ensure the implementation of the best solutions.

Development of a high-quality website

The website is the business card of your company, so it is important that it is high-quality and modern. We guarantee that the websites developed by us will be efficient, fast and correctly functioning. We pay attention to the details that make a website special. 

Web development process.

Receiving and processing information

In order to understand the main goals, priorities and concept of the website, general information about the project is collected and processed first. Together with the client, we determine what the main goals and priorities of the future website are, after which we proceed to the development of the concept.

Concept development

After collecting the necessary information, the development of the concept and structure of the website begins, after which it is agreed with the client. At the end of this stage, we carry out a general assessment of the project and offer our additions based on experience and knowledge.

Design development

After the concept of the website is formed and agreed upon, the development of the website design follows. We offer both the development of individual design according to the principles of UX / UI, as well as ready-made solutions to reduce development costs. After the design templates are approved by the client, the final stage of creating a website, programming, begins.

Web development

During the development of the site, we may make changes to the original design or concept, as well as add solutions that we believe will improve the operation and effectiveness of the site. After all programming work, we will carry out several checks and tests, as well as advise and help the client in all matters.

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Custom project development
Custom project development
Custom project development

Web development costs.


no 350 eiro


no 650 eiro


no 1050 eiro

Website rental

For our clients, we offer an alternative option for developing an web site. We will develop an web site for your company for free, you will only need to pay a monthly maintenance fee.


no 15 eiro


no 25 eiro


no 50 eiro

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