Our services

Ful-cycle digital services for your business. We develop websites, online stores and individual web projects. We provide digital marketing services (SEO optimization, social media marketing, Google Ads advertising). We will ensure the stable and safe functioning of digital projects (security solutions, maintenance of websites and online stores), and we will also create a modern and attractive design.

Web and e-commerce development.

Web development

Full service web development. We study competitors and develop a website concept. Optionally, we offer the creation of individual design according to UX/UI standards. All our sites are developed on WordPress CMS, which is the most popular platform for web development in the world. 

E-commerce development

The development of an online store is an excellent opportunity for business development. We offer web design development, integration with payment systems, delivery services, digital marketing services, as well as custom solutions for e-commerce. With us you can create a successful and modern online store.

Development of individual projects

We will implement your project with the necessary functionality and integration. Let's develop a unique design and structure. We will perform SEO optimization and create a digital marketing strategy.

Digital marketing.

SEO optimization

SEO optimization is an essential part of digital marketing for your website. Every year, people around the world make trillions of search queries on Internet search engines. Often these requests are related to the search for services or goods. A better position in the search results provides more traffic, which in turn is converted into sales of services and products. We help our clients to get to the top of Google search.

Google ads

Our digital marketing experts have been working with Google Ads for many years, applying their experience and knowledge to help businesses achieve its desired goals. During the creation of an advertising company, an audit is carried out, the available data is analyzed in depth and the industry is studied. We focus on the growth of the enterprise and the return of the advertising budget. 

Social media marketing

Reach thousands of potential clients in the world's largest social networks. We work with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, Youtube, Reddit. Our experts research and analyze the niche, then develop a social marketing strategy and implement it. We guarantee high conversion and excellent results.

Web services.

Web design

Web design development is an important step to form the right concept of a website, online store or other web project. Web sites and online stores developed by the Coal team have modern, attractive and easily perceived designs. In design development, we follow the principles of UI / UX.

Security Solutions

Modern and reliable solutions for protecting a web resource. The best partners and always available support for the safety and continuity of the site.

Maintenance of websites and online stores

The website needs to be maintained and updated in order to work properly. CMS system update, content update, SEO optimization, testing and bug fixing.

We will answer all your questions and offer the best solutions for your business