SEO optimization

SEO website optimization is a long-term process that allows you to get high positions in Google, Bing, Yandex and other search engines.

Website SEO audit

Research and assignment of keywords

Website code SEO optimization

SEO optimization of website content

External URL links

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The key to success

SEO optimization is an essential part of digital marketing for your website. Every year, people around the world make trillions of search queries on Internet search engines. Often these requests are related to the search for services or goods. A better position in the search results provides more traffic, which in turn is converted into sales of services and products. We help our clients to get to the top of Google search.


Organic traffic

Being on the first page of Google Search, will make company in demand and visible to potential customers and buyers who are looking for exactly the product or service that you offer. 


Long term investment

SEO optimization is a long-term investment. Unlike other types of digital marketing, SEO optimization delivers results consistently without further investment.


People's trust

SEO optimization also includes correcting all errors and incorrect links, speeding up the site and other elements that increase the level of trust of both search engines and real people.


Website SEO audit

The first step from which SEO optimization begins is an SEO audit. At this stage, the structure of the website is analyzed, the speed of its work, external resources are evaluated, all errors and incorrect links are corrected.


Research and assignment of keywords

Keyword research analyzes the keywords used by your competitors as well as the keywords you are interested in. Our SEO experts evaluate the results of the analysis and use the information obtained to create a unique list of keywords. The keywords from this list will be used on the corresponding pages of the website.


Website code SEO optimization

On-page website optimization starts with code optimization. First, the SEO expert fixes all errors and incorrect links. The next step is to optimize headings, meta descriptions and meta keywords. After that, the indexing of the content in search engines and the correct functioning of the links are checked. At the end, SEO optimization of all photos and videos is performed, a website map is created and internal links are placed.


SEO optimization of website content

SEO optimization of website content is the most important part of SEO optimization. First, search engine optimized texts are created and all headings on the site are optimized. A blog section is also created on the site (included in the list of SEO optimization services).

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External URL links

In order to boost the authority of a website, external links must be placed. Inbound links show search engines that the site is trustworthy. At this stage, profiles are created in social networks, the company is added to Google My Business, Google Maps is integrated into the site, links are placed on catalog sites. Additionally, we offer a private solution for creating a link profile.

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