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Montoya is revolutionising the way businesses protect their finances and customer data.
Au Fuseau
Development of a e-commerce project in the luxury fashion segment.
Aldrford is a family-owned investment holding company.
Reblocs House
Reblocs House is an innovative company helping to solve the housing and climate crisis by transforming the way the world builds homes.
Leroy Seafood
Leroy Seafood is a world-leading aquaculture company with more than 40 years of experience.
Coinstock is a blockchain-based decentralised financial system start-up.
Jungle creates air quality solutions for low carbon healthy buildings, taking the ambiguity out of your air and providing you with tangible results.
Kingsley Napley
Kingsley Napley is an internationally renowned law firm based in central London.
Be.Digital is a financial services company that combines traditional finance and digital assets to create outstanding financial solutions.


Web development

Coal web developers are engaged in the project from the very beginning. This guarantees that design will in the end have the appropriate implementation. In addition to this, our code masters use only top-notch techniques in order to enhance the user experience.

E-commerce development

We develop high-quality eCommerce platforms that gives consumers the confidence they need to proceed when ordering goods online.

Web design

We believe that a good website is a harmonious combination of consistency and logic, together with an attractive and user-friendly interface. There is no need to sacrifice any part in order to achieve the necessary goals. It is only at the intersection of these two areas that the best projects emerge.


Branding is all about finding the right visual identity that will reflect your core company's values. We create the aesthetic image of a brand that will evolve in the minds and hearts of consumers. Unique and memorable.